Data Science Start-up Night

2 March 2023

On 2 March, the third Data Science Start-Up Night will take place! During this event, several data science start-ups will give a talk about how they started their company, what drives them and how they see their futures.

Participating companies


18:00 - 18:15


Opening by our host

18:15 - 18:45

Pitch session 1

Pitches by Lalaland, Impact Up, Geronimo.AI

18:45 - 19:15

Keynote DSA

Keynote by Thomas Vles, Managing Director at the Dutch Startup Association

19:30 - 20:10

Pitch session 2

Pitches by Datenna, Peppermint, Deskify, Globe Protocol

20:15 - 20:30

Winner announcement

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Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze is a tech-entrepreneur located at Amsterdam Science Park, mostly known for his work in the worldwide TEDx Community and the European Start-up scene.
During the Start-up Night, Jim will lead us through the evening and talk to several data science entrepreneurs and other interesting speakers.

Rick Lamers
CEO and Co-Founder of Orchest

Rick Lamers

Orchest is building an open-source integrated development environment tool for data scientists so they can develop, iterate and deploy data pipelines without having to rely on an infrastructure or engineering team.

Rick Lamers
Max Roeters
Co-founder of Brush AI

Max Roeters

Brush AI (former LUX Data) firmly believes that in order to enable a fair and safe digital future, we have to collectively make informed and transparent data-driven decisions the new standard. In order to do so, we are building a low-code software tool that helps companies to bring their AI to the next level, but in a responsible manner. We develop the tool through ethics-by-design, using it does not require any programming knowledge and we make complex concepts simple while still preserving quality.

Max Roeters
Lars Hanegraaf
Co-founder of Blenddata

Lars Hanegraaf

Blenddata is a data engineering consulting company. We are able to combine multiple complex data sources into a consistent data foundation that helps organizations to make the right decisions in their mission-critical processes. We do this by introducing our customers to our Modern Data Stack; a set of cloud-based and open-source tools for data integration.

Co-Founder of Maps Untold

Gaby Gomes Branco

Suppose you come from Groningen and you book a weekend in Den Bosch. Then you probably check the Citymarketing website Den Bosch. With our solution, a widget will open where you can enter your favorite places in Groningen. The widget then gives you personalized advice full of relevant hotspots in Den Bosch, based on your preferences and a lot of data under the hood. The cool thing is: in time we can even predict what a family in Breda will like in Leeuwarden. A potential gold mine for more targeted advertising in tourism.

Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer

Ugnius Rimsa

Lalaland uses deep learning techniques to generate artificial full-body fashion models for e-commerce brands enabling them to show their collections on models that actually look like customers. By using Lalaland brands can instantly upload their collections, select models from a diverse population of generated individuals and show their collections in multiple sizes, skin tones, and ages and from several angles. In turn, brands that utilize Lalaland see a 15% increase of revenue and at least 10% reduction in returns rates.

Co-Founder Peppermint

Dominique Weijers

Our platform enables you to enjoy more freedom whilst doing your favourite leisure activities (e.g. museums, theme parks and wellness). You simply download our app, check-in at the location, check-out whenever you want, and only pay for the time you actually spend there.

Using pay-per-minute with Peppermint, you are flexible in today's turbulent world; you can be spontaneous by trying new activities at a low threshold; and of course you save a lot of money as you will never pay more than the regular ticket price! 

Co-Founder Deskify

Allard de Jong

The future of the office is visible. We are going to work more from home and the office is more and more becoming a place to meet and a place where knowledge is shared amongst colleagues. As a result, organizations will have to deal with an increase in unoccupied workplaces, which is a waste of valuable resources. Organizations will therefore seek to treat their workspaces in a more flexible and
efficient way. In our future, organizations use their workplaces when they need to, but let their workplaces when they are unoccupied. Deskify facilitates in this future, by being the Airbnb for workplaces.

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