On 7 March, the fourth Data Science Start-Up Night took place! During this event, several data science start-ups gave a talk about how they started their company, what drives them and how they see their futures.

Data Science Start-up Night

7 March 2024

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Participating companies




17.30                  Doors open

18.00                  Welcome in the Atrium with drinks

18.05                  Welcome by host: Arjan Haring                    

18.10                  Speaker 1: Hans de Penning

18.35                  Speaker 2: Jet Smits

19.00                  Speaker 3: Oliviana Bailey

19.25                  Closing formal part of event and drinks onwards 

20.30                  End of event



Arjan Haring

Arjan has worked on the interface of data science and behavioral science since the mid 00s. He consulted at Cap Gemini, cofounded the machine learning startup Science Rockstars and he ran experiments at Booking.com. He is a founding partner at the product design agency Seldon Digital where he cofounded – and failed with – the sustainable food startup Jars.



Hans de Penning

Hans de Penning is the Founder & CEO of Neople, where he’s redefining customer support through intelligent digital co-workers. With Neople, he has transformed customer support, making it faster and more personalized without sacrificing quality. Hans’s vision is to make software not just a tool but an intelligent partner that works harmoniously with human teams.

Jet Smits

Jet Smits is a leader in the field of data science and information management. As the founder and CEO of InIn & Dutch AI, she spearheads a team of visionary data specialists dedicated to empowering organizations and driving success in Big Data initiatives. With extensive experience and proven success in implementing cutting-edge data and AI solutions for both public sector entities and private enterprises, Jet brings invaluable expertise in data-driven strategies, business intelligence, and transformative innovation. Known for her ability to demystify complex concepts and deliver tangible results, she is the ideal partner for organizations seeking to thrive in the dynamic landscape of data and AI, all while ensuring a human-centric approach.

Oliviana Bailey

Women in AI

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