Data Science Days


The Peppermint team

We are proud to announce Peppermint as our first partner!

Peppermint was founded by four Data Science & Entrepreneurship Master students. They make it possible for you to do all of your favourite leisure activities (e.g. go to the museum) and only pay for the time you actually spend there. No time? Just go for half an hour and only pay a few euros. Unsure if it will be fun? Just try it out and check out after a few minutes if it is nothing for you. And if you actually like it? Stay as long as you want: you never pay more than the regular ticket price! 

“Data science is more than building complex neural nets – we use our data science mindset to be agile, transparent, privacy-friendly and effective. Besides, we are excited to do great museum- or exposition recommendations, data-driven marketing and app design, and optimize the dynamic price per minute. The potential ideas and possible applications are infinite.”

Their co-founder, Dominique Weijers, tells us that it is really valuable and fun to come in contact with ambitious students, critical users and potential partners. “Data Science Days is a young entity of like-minded entrepreneurial spirits who try to close the gap between academic- and real-world data science. Peppermint is a manifestation of this idea, which is what makes the collaboration between Data Science Days and Peppermint important.”

They look forward to sharing their story, mission and progress with more people. During the Start-up Night (3 March) the engagement and feedback were truly amazing! Missed the Start-up Night? Don’t worry! Peppermint will join the Data Science Talk show that will take place during the Data Science Experience Day of 6 October. So stay tuned!