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Next edition: 10 June 2021

The Data Science Talent Fair will take place on 10 June, 2021 and focuses on bringing students in
connection with prospective companies. All the ‘talents’ that the Data Science programs in
Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch have to offer are welcome to this event. The main focus will
be on students landing a (part-time) job, thesis project or internship.

Is your company interested in being present at the Data Science Talent Fair? 

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Virtual company market

At the company market you can have close conversations with representatives from the participating companies. The representatives can tell you all about their company and the opportunities for data scientists. The company market is the perfect way to get an impression from one or multiple companies or to find out what field of data science sparks your interests.

This year, the company fair will be hosted in virtual meeting rooms. If you registered for the virtual company stands, you will receive a link to the specific room in your e-mailbox.


Company presentations

During the day there will also be several rounds with presentations. Each round will consist of a few presentations given by company representatives from different companies who work as data scientists themselves or have equivalent jobs. The presentations will give you insight into what a day in the life of a data scientist looks like.

All presentation sessions will be live-streamed from the beautiful chapel at the Marienburg convent. The links to the live-streams can be found on the website on the day of the event.

Training sessions

The training sessions are a good way to learn new skills for motivated visitors. These sessions can be given by companies, professionals or lecturers and are about a more specific topic. They will take 1.5 to 2 hours. This way experts can share knowledge about a skill that is useful in their company or field of work. 

The training sessions will be given with the use of an online meeting tool. If you have registered, you will receive the link in your e-mailbox.


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