Data Science Experience Day

Explore your future career in Data Science

In a world filled with big data, data science professionals are in ever more demand from leading edge businesses. JADS and D.S.A. Pattern invite students and professionals working with big data to register for the Data Science Career Perspective Day. The event is focused on inspiring data science students and young professionals to take the next step on their path to becoming a future-proof data scientist.

Empower your future and get a perspective on your data science career!

Data is often cited as the oil of the 21st century. But most people find it difficult to envision where the new data-related innovations and technologies will bring us and at what speed. Picturing a career in data, similarly, can be hard. What are your career prospects after getting your MSc degree in data science? 

Now’s your chance to find out! Join us for the full day or for part of the day. Data specialists from over 20 leading organizations will be sharing their challenges, data strategies, solutions and career perspectives in this rapidly developing world. ‘We consider it our responsibility to not only educate the data scientists of the future but to also help them make a calculated choice for a career that fits their interests and capabilities,’ explains Arjan van den Born, former Scientific Director of JADS. 

Take control of your future and learn the tips and tricks needed to kick-start your data science career! 

During a business case, you will have the opportunity to work with participants on a problem that is relevant to your company’s field of expertise. The business case will last 90 minutes. A maximum of 15 participants will join the business case.

The masterclasses are a good way to learn new skills for motivated visitors. These masterclasses can be given by companies, professionals or lecturers and are about a more specific topic. They will take 1 hour. This way experts can share knowledge about a skill that is useful in their company or field of work.  We will make a distinction between beginner and advanced masterclasses.

During a presentation, you will have the opportunity to explain a day in the life of a data scientist at your company. This will give students an impression of the culture, atmosphere and working environment within your company. The presentation slot lasts 60 minutes, in which you are expected to be there for the whole time. You will be given 10 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes to answer questions and the slot will be shared with three other data science companies. The room where the presentations will be given can hold up to 60 people