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At Itility we believe in merging technology and data to drive our customers one step beyond. Itility digital consultants are experts in data, cloud, software, and IT infrastructure. Our culture can be described as ‘no-nonsense, with passion’. Working at Itility is about working with people, staying close to our customers.

The possibilities of what you can do with data are rapidly changing the world. In addition to understanding the past, companies must know what is happening now and anticipate what is going to happen in the future. Data is driving digital transformation by unlocking value out of data.

Creating value from data is what drives our data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. We love to ingest loads of streaming and batch data in data lakes to predict the future with random forests, neural networks, and optimization algorithms. And then present it to our customers in an accessible way, slicing and dicing data in advanced dashboards and easy-to-use mobile apps with Splunk, Dash, Shiny, or PowerBI.

Meet out data experts. Working in multidisciplinary teams on projects at our large international enterprise customers in high-tech, or at our midsized innovative customers in manufacturing, agritech, and mobility. Working on a variety of data use cases to translate data to insights, by extracting large quantities of data into our own Itility Data Factory or into a data lake built at the customer site, using different tools and techniques.

That is what data at Itility is about.

Itility at the DEX

Itility will participate in the DEX Talk Show from 13:00-13:45.

Itility will give a presentation during the first presentation slot from 14:30-15:30.

Itility will be present at the virtual company stands in the second slot from 16:00-17:30.

Itility at the DEX Talk Show

Joost Meijer will take a seat at the talk show table on behalf of Itility.

Joost has been part of the Itility team since 2017. With a study background in Artificial Intelligence, various roles in a research environment, and later various management roles, he understands the technical details and the value that needs to be delivered.  

He is passionate about shaping and delivering valuable solutions to complex problems in high-tech and innovative environments, using his extensive knowledge about industry 4.0, systems thinking, digital transformation, and advanced data & analytics.

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