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GOAL 3 develops durable and easy to use patient monitoring systems for environments with limited resources. Through predictive algorithms we enable health workers to detect acute illnesses when they can still be treated.

GOAL 3’s vision is: Fair and Accessible healthcare for everyone – We All Health
The right to health is universal. We are all equal and every person should have access to healthcare irrespective of individual characteristics, race, religion, or geography. Therefore, it is unacceptable that millions of people die every year from conditions that can be treated easily. Fighting this injustice is what motivates us and what keeps us up at night.

Our mission is to empower and enable health workers worldwide through smart technologies that address their needs. This will strengthen health systems and improve access to care.
To achieve this mission, we identify and develop data-driven health technologies from a perspective of collaboration and fair-data. These technologies are combined into an integrated and easy-to-use digital tool for health workers. This will enable health workers to provide better care and improve health for all.

GOAL 3 at the DEX

GOAL3 will participate in the DEX Talk Show 13:00-13:45.

GOAL 3 at the DEX Talk Show

Bart Bierling will take a seat at the talk show table on behalf of GOAL 3.

Bart studied Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. From this third year of studies on, he has been doing research at the neonatal intensive care in Veldhoven. Here he tested a new sensor for monitoring breathing and movement, which showed to work well. This formed the basis for his bachelor thesis: developing a patient monitor for low-resource settings, using this new sensor.

From this bachelor thesis, the start-up GOAL 3 was formed, when multiple experienced clincUit het afstudeerproject is de startup GOAL 3 gevormd, toen meerdere clinicians in African countries addressed their willingness to help the start-up.

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