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ASML is a high-tech company, headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits or computer chips. Over 30 years, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations in 16 countries and annual net sales of €11.8 billion in 2019.

Behind ASML’s innovations are engineers who think ahead. The people who work at our company include some of the most creative minds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science.

Because ASML spends more than €2 billion per year on R&D, our teams have the freedom, support and resources to experiment, test and push the boundaries of technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams, listening to and learning from each other.

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Put your study to work

We welcome students from all over the world to join us for internships and graduation assignments at our global headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Want to see what’s possible? Gain hands-on experience and support with ASML scholarships or attend a career event for students and PhD graduates.

ASML at the DEX

ASML will give a presentation during the first presentation slot from 9:30-10:30.

ASML will be present at the virtual company stands in the second slot from 11:30-13:00.

ASML will participate in the DEX Talk Show from 13:00-13:45.

ASML at the DEX Talk Show

Thomas Rondeel will take a seat at the talk show table on behalf of ASML.

With his background in International Business Administration and also Information Management, Thomas first worked at more consultancy focussed jobs. Later on, he started working at ASML in 2019 as Project & Portfolio Manager, where he is now working as the Team Lead Business Intelligence.

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