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DEX for companies

Give students and young professionals a glimpse into their future!

Data science students and young professionals come to the Data Science Experience Day to get high-quality insights on how the field of Data Science will develop. Your presence as a company gives them a perspective of their future!

Show students and young professionals experience what is possible within the broad field of Data Science!  Let them discover what kind of Data Scientist they want to become. With virtual company stands, presentations and business cases, you give hem insight into the strategic and concrete questions that your company  faces, the newest developments within Data Science and the occupations of Data professionals within your company.

Why participate in the Data Science Experience Day?

Data Science is a growing business and there are many possibilities for students and young professionals within the field. During the event, we give you the opportunity to inspire students and young professionals, connecting you with potential future colleagues. We enable you to fully focus on the students during the event by arranging everything for you, from facilities to promotion.

There is a wide range of activities that we offer for you to participate in during the Data Science Experience Day,  such as an online information market, presentations, business cases, training sessions and talk shows. We can help you determine which activities help you to reach your goal and vision and we will, of course, advise and help you prepare for these activities.


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Check out the different experiences!

Virtual company stand – connect with talent

Via a virtual company stand you will have the opportunity to talk to participants and answer their questions. You will be provided with a virtual room in which you can talk to participants via a (video) connection.

Presentation – engage your audience

During a presentation, you will have the opportunity to explain a day in the life of a data scientist at your company. This will give students an impression of the culture, atmosphere and working environment within your company.

The presentations are open to 25-30 students who will be able to attend the presentation session physically in the beautiful chapel of our Marienburg campus Additionally, we will make sure that the presentations are live-streamed and recorded so that students at home can watch the sessions as well.

The presentations are split up in several directions within the field of data science: data engineering, data science & analytics, and consultancy.

Business case – give them something to sink their teeth into

During a business case, you will have the opportunity to work with participants on a problem that is relevant to your company’s field of expertise. This way, students and young professionals gain more insight into what it  is like to work for your company. The business case will last 90 minutes.

The business cases will take place on the Marienburg campus. A maximum of 15 participants will join the business case.

Training session – share useful knowledge

Training sessions are classes taught by someone who has an expert level of knowledge or skill in a particular area. The goal of the training session is for experts to share knowledge about a skill that could be useful for a Data Science prospect. Giving a training session is especially interesting for companies who wish to show the capabilities of their trainers and traineeship programs.

The training sessions will be live-streamed and recorded, there will be no opportunity for the students and young professionals to participate physically.

The training sessions will be labelled with a difficulty level: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Talk show – highlight your company in a different way

This year we introduce a new part of our program to you: a real talk show. During this live broadcast, a host and experts talk about hot topics in Data Science. Does your company have an expert in the field of consultancy, data science or data engineering? Then we would like to invite them to take place at the talk show table!

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